071.4 Student Access to Furman Network

Created by: Dana Trebing on 02/23/2005
Category: 0 - General Administration; 70 - Computer Services
Originator: Chief Information Officer
Current File: 071.4
Adoption Date: 11/15/2012
Reviewed for Currency: 11/15/2012
Replaces File: 071.4
Date of Origin: 11/20/1984
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071.4 Student Access to Furman Network


A. Background

As the use of computer equipment in the curriculum of the University has grown, the number of students who have microcomputers has also increased. Connections to the campus local area network are now available in on-campus housing. Due to the high demand, it is not currently feasible to provide modem connections to students living off campus. However, students who have accounts with commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may access resources on the Furman network.


B. Policy

Currently enrolled Furman students may access the Furman University network from their on-campus living quarters by using a network interface card.


C. Guidelines

1. Students wishing to connect their computers to the campus network must apply to Information Technology Services.

2. It is the students' responsibility to obtain computer hardware and software that is properly configured to support a network connection. Students may purchase network interface cards, cables, and any necessary software licenses, at cost, from Information Technology Services.

3. Information Technology Services staff will install network interface cards, at no charge, if requested to do so. However, neither Furman University nor its employees will accept responsibility for any damage or voiding of warranties that may result.

4. At the discretion of the Chief Information Officer, assistance with new hookups to the campus network may be limited to specified periods at the beginning of each semester. Instructions on how to obtain a network connection will be sent to each student via electronic mail, or posted on a website, prior to each period designated for computer hookups. Incoming students will be notified via USPS mail.

5. Information Technology Services staff will help configure the network software on the students' computers.

6. Failure to abide by these guidelines, or knowingly attempting or helping to attempt to breach the security of any systems connected to the network, shall result in the immediate loss of privilege to access the network and shall subject the student to dismissal from the University and/or criminal charges.