071.0 Chief Information Officer

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071.0 Chief Information Officer


A. Background

It is important to provide for administrators, faculty, staff, and students information technology systems and services that are user-oriented and that support the administrative and academic programs of the University. The Information Technology Service Center is vital to the information communication system on campus.


B. Policy

The Chief Information Officer oversees and directs all Information Technology Services functions.  The CIO provides vision and leadership for the strategic development and management of information, information resources, and technology to support Furman's mission, strategic goals, and academic program priorities. The CIO leads the Information Technology Services departments and staff and optimizes the use of human, technological, capital and financial resources to ensure efficient operation and proper support of academic and administrative functions. The CIO establishes and maintains a close linkage to the academic and administrative teams to plan for and implement information and technology requirements.


C. Guidelines

1. The Chief Information Officer is appointed by and directly responsible to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

2. Duties and responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer include the following: