370.1 University Purchasing

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370.1 University Purchasing


A. Background

Furman University's mission is supported by a purchasing process that provides faculty, staff, and students with the necessary supplies, equipment, and services. The primary purpose of a purchasing system is to identify sources of materials and services and to select and acquire the materials and services as economically as possible within accepted standards of quality and service. Because of the complexity and high volume, all of the purchasing activities cannot be performed efficiently by a completely centralized procurement office, but centralized purchasing authority should be present to provide a focal point for purchasing guidance and to ensure that the University acts in a consistent, prudent and ethical manner in its purchasing activities.


B. Policy

Purchasing for the University is a responsibility of the Director of Purchasing. In view of the size of the institution, many of the responsibilities of purchasing will be fulfilled by individuals in major operating units of the University operating under the specific purchasing policies and procedures established by the Director of Purchasing.


C. Guidelines

1. The Director of Purchasing will establish criteria for selection of suppliers, bidding procedures, and other operating procedures and will conduct periodic audits of purchasing operations to ensure that the established procedures are being followed.

2. Purchases of certain specialized items best serve the University when they are coordinated through designated departments other than Purchasing, as indicated in paragraph 3.  The individuals responsible for purchasing in these departments will follow the operating procedures established by the Director of Purchasing.

3. The departments that have the designated purchasing responsibilities are:

Items to be purchased

Responsible Department

 Plant maintenance materials

 Facilities Services

Building modification or additions

Facilities Services

Library books and periodicals


Textbooks/materials for resale

 University Bookstore

Golf equipment/supplies for resale

Golf Course


Printing Services

Computer software/hardware

Computing and Information Services

Telecommunications equipment/services

Computing and Information Services

Multimedia Equipment

Computing and Information Services

4. In those departments where frequent and repetitive purchases are made, the normal practice will be to assign the purchasing responsibility to individuals who can develop purchasing expertise for the department.  The individuals responsible for purchasing in these departments will follow the operating procedures established by the Director of Purchasing.

5. Specific purchasing policies and procedures are contained in a separate entry to the Policies and Procedures Manual under the title of Purchasing Policies and Procedures, File 370.2, Ethical and Proper Spending Practices, File 370.3, and Procurement Card Program, File 370.4.

6. All questions regarding purchasing should be directed to the Director of Purchasing.