187.1 Faculty Offices

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187.1 Faculty Offices


A. Background

Furman recognizes that adequate work facilities are necessary for faculty members to do their work efficiently.


B. Policy

The university strives in so far as possible to provide each faculty member a private office which is near other members of his or her department and assigned classes.


C. Guidelines

1. Offices are assigned annually by the Dean of the Faculty who follows the recommendations of the department chair whenever possible. While assignments are not frequently changed, no office is assigned permanently.

2. Necessary furniture and bookshelves are provided, and occupants are not to make modifications in their offices without prior approval by Facilities Services.

3. Furnishings and equipment purchased by a department are to be moved only with the approval of the department chair.

4. Furniture and equipment provided for faculty offices are not to be removed.

5. Any problems concerning faculty offices should be taken to the department chair.