381.1 Travel by Chartered or Private Aircraft

Created by: Dana Trebing on 09/23/2004
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 80 - Service/Travel
Originator: Director of Administrative Services
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Adoption Date: 01/23/2013
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381.1 Travel by Chartered or Private Aircraft


A. Background

Transportation by aircraft in some instances is the most expeditious and economical means of travel for faculty, staff, and students when on official business and when traveling with university-sponsored educational or sports programs. To ensure against unnecessary risks while traveling by aircraft, a uniform policy is required.


B. Policy

Furman University requires all air transportation be conducted using regularly scheduled commercial airlines and prohibits travel by charter, nonscheduled airlines or privately owned aircraft unless it is necessary for reasons other than solely financial. Under no circumstances will the University authorize the piloting of personal aircraft, whether owned, rented, or borrowed, by any employee while on university business.


C. Guidelines

1. Personnel must obtain advance approval from the Vice President of Finance and Administration, or his/her designate, who must be satisfied that the proposed mode of transport is necessary based on factors other than just financial. Examples might include situations where large groups are traveling to the same destination, or significant time savings could be realized by using a charter. Sufficient advance notice should be given to allow time for a review of requested documents.

2. The following travel plan information will be submitted to the Vice President of Finance and Administration, or his/her designate and the Director of Risk Management:

a. Person requesting exception.

b. Name of aircraft charter/owner

c. Date flight(s)

d. Purpose of flight

e. Type of aircraft

f. Number of passengers

g. Reason for not flying commercial

3. The Director of Risk Management will review the travel plans and submit information to the University insurance carrier to confirm that the requirements of the Universityís non-owned aircraft liability insurance policy are met. Without prior approval from the University carrier the flight will not be authorized. The following information will be necessary for approval:

a. The owner of the aircraft must provide satisfactory evidence of current insurance with a minimum combined single limit of $10 million.

b. Furman University will be named as an additional insured on the aircraft ownerís policy where the aircraft ownerís insurance is primary.

c. A copy of the charterís contract shall be submitted to verify there are no exclusions or wording limiting coverage in the event of an incident.