174.2 Research Assistance and Library Instruction

Created by: Dana Trebing on 03/08/2004
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174.2 Research Assistance and Library Instruction


A. Background

The expansion and complexity of information resources and the richness of the curriculum create an environment in which reference and library instruction are essential.


B. Policy

In order to help students and faculty to make the most effective use of information resources, the library provides a range of services including research assistance, an instructional program designed to build fluency in students, and a variety of instructional guides and tutorials.


C. Guidelines

1. The library provides support for the use of an evolving array of information resources. Physical materials are accessed within the libraries, and most digital materials are accessible campus-wide as well as off-campus by authorized users.

2. Research assistance is provided in all Furman libraries and Special Collections and Archives (see Policy 176.1). Research assistance in the Duke Library is available according to a schedule which is posted on the library website. Comprehensive research assistance is available to students, faculty, and staff, as well as community patrons as time and resources allow.

3. The library provides a curriculum-integrated library instruction program. Outreach librarians partner with all First Year Writing Seminars to help the teaching faculty develop effective research assignments and to guide students in their early steps toward information fluency. This partnering may include multiple in-class instruction sessions, personal appointments with individuals or groups, evaluating research journals, assigning out-of-class tutorials, or other forms of instruction.

4. Library faculty also conduct research instruction for courses in all other disciplines in the curriculum -- from introductory courses, through research methods, to capstone seminars -- gradually building toward higher-order information fluency skills. Faculty who wish to include library research instruction as part of a course should contact an Outreach librarian

5. Library research guides on a variety of subjects are available on the library website. Faculty who wish to request a research guide for a course should contact the appropriate Outreach or Special Collections librarian.