107.3 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

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107.3 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean


A. Background

The academic program at Furman is implemented through various academic administrators and twenty-four academic departments. All these efforts are coordinated through the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean.


B. Policy

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean is the chief academic officer of the university and coordinates all academic aspects of university operations.


C. Guidelines

1. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean is appointed by the President with approval of the trustees and is directly responsible to the President.


2. The following persons are directly responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean:

a. Senior Associate Academic Dean

b. Academic department chairs

c. Director of Institutional Assessment and Research

d. Director of Grants and Research Administration

e. Director of Fiscal Operations for Academic Affairs

f. Executive Director of Health Education at Greenville Health System


3. The duties and functions of this office include but are not restricted to:

a. appointing faculty and administrative staff under his or her general supervision;

b. appointing department chairs;

c. providing effective orientation for new faculty, department chairs, and administrative staff;

d. reviewing and approving recommendations on tenure, promotion, salary increases, benefits, and related matters for faculty and appropriate staff;

e. reviewing, approving, and monitoring all academic budgets and other budgets under his or her general supervision;

f. reviewing and approving all recommendations for sabbatical leaves and other leaves for academic and/or scholarly purposes;

g. reviewing and approving requests for funds to support faculty travel and research and professional growth;

h. providing physical facilities for all academic and many academically related programs;

i. presenting candidates for degrees at commencement;

j. representing the university (with or in lieu of the President) at conferences of higher education associations;

k. coordinating appointments to administrative committees;

l. hearing appeals from the Faculty Appeals Committee;

m. working with faculty in the development and supervision of the curriculum;

n. acting as principal administrative resource person to the Research and Professional Growth Committee and Faculty Status Committee; and

o. acting as principal academic resource person to the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Council, and the Parents' Council.