151.1 Contracts for Probationary Faculty

Created by: Dana Trebing on 05/12/2003
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151.1 Contracts for Probationary Faculty


A. Background


Although all dimensions of the professional relationships between a faculty member and Furman University cannot be incorporated in a written document, the basic and formal relationship is stated in an official contract of mutual commitment.


B. Policy


A contract is issued to each faculty appointee and remains mutually binding, except for salary and rank, for the duration of the individual's appointment. Any other exceptions will be so indicated on the contract or annual contract renewal letter, which is, in effect, an amendment to the contract. The contract (as amended by the most recent annual contract renewal letter) takes precedence over any other understanding, whether oral or written.


C. Guidelines


1. The initial faculty contract at Furman is usually for one year.


2. A faculty member may be annually reappointed during a probationary period not to exceed seven years.


3. A faculty member who will not be placed on permanent appointment at the end of the probationary period will be notified at the earliest feasible date. See Files 157.4 and 158.4


4. In the spring of each academic year, the Vice President for Academic Affairs issues an annual contract renewal letter that specifies any changes in the faculty member's salary.


5. Faculty members not appointed for a second year will be notified by March 1 of the contract year (August 1-July 31).  Faculty members not appointed for a third year will be notified by December 15 of the contract year. Faculty with two or more years of service at Furman will receive notice of termination at least twelve months before the expiration of appointment.  See File 157.4.


6. Mutual responsibilities of faculty and administration not stated in the contract or annual contract renewal letter are specified in the current Faculty Handbook (as the same may from time to time be amended).


7. Representative samples of the faculty contract and the annual contract renewal letter appear in the Appendix of the Policies and Procedures System, Exhibits B and C.