186.1 Faculty Request for Maintenance Service

Created by: Dana Trebing on 02/10/2003
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 80 - Procedures
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Adoption Date: 02/10/2003
Reviewed for Currency: 10/22/2008
Replaces File: 186.1
Date of Origin: 07/02/1974
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186.1 Faculty Request for Maintenance Service


A. Background

The Director of Facilities Services is charged with the maintenance of grounds and buildings. Any comments or suggestions as to the performance of duties by any of the maintenance personnel, especially the custodial staff, are appreciated.


B. Policy

Faculty may direct requests for work relating to the physical plant to Facilities Services.


C. Guidelines

1. Request for service from Facilities Services for all maintenance requests, should be submitted by telephone or e-mail. Such requests may include hanging pictures, matters needing correction or attention in the classroom or other small jobs in offices or classrooms.

2. Faculty members are urged to turn off lights in offices and classrooms not in use, to close windows at the end of the day, and to lock their offices.

3. Requests for work on offices, such as painting or construction of bookshelves, should be submitted through the department chair.

4. For an emergency, such as a flooded drain or other maintenance problem demanding immediate attention, Facilities Services has someone on call at all times. Emergencies occurring after hours should be reported to Public Safety.