185.5 Class Load

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/05/1999
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Adoption Date: 09/29/2008
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185.5 Class Load


A. Background

Although the professional responsibility of a faculty member may not be reduced to instructional hours, the number of courses taught is a basic item in determining expectations of a faculty member.


B. Policy

The norm for the teaching responsibility of a Furman faculty member is five four-credit courses during the regular two-semester academic year.


C. Guidelines

1. Distribution of courses throughout the academic session is to be determined by the department chair.

2. A faculty member may not teach more than three courses in any one term.

3. Loads for sabbatical leave are defined in File 168.1.

4. Laboratory instruction, art studio supervision, applied music instruction, physical education activity instruction, and other teaching functions that are not in the traditional class format are credited on a basis agreed upon between the department chair and the Dean of the Faculty.

5. If a teacher is involved in unusually heavy non-teaching duties, adjustments in the normal course load may be made. Such adjustments are the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty.

6. In addition to the responsibility of a normal class load and non-teaching duties, faculty members sometimes participate in off-campus consulting or externally funded research, but these responsibilities should not infringe on the individual faculty member's university responsibilities. (See File 161.2.)

7. The policy on "Overload Teaching" is described in File 117.1.