Exhibit B. Furman University Employment Contract

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Exhibit B. Furman University Employment Contract Furman University Employment Contract


Contract of Employment


This agreement made and entered into by and between FURMAN UNIVERSITY and _____________________________:


1.       FURMAN UNIVERSITY hereby employs _____________________ for the period of one year, beginning September 1, 20__, and ending August 31, 20__, as _____________________________________.


2.       The salary shall be _______________________ ($_______) for the nine months regular session of 20__-20__.  The salary, however is paid over a period of twelve months at the rate of  ________________________________dollars ($______) per month, less normal deductions.  Any other financial or special considerations are listed at the end of this contract.


3.       It is understood and agreed that the said _____________________________'s teaching load shall not exceed the limits prescribed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, that he/she shall serve on such committees and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the President or other appropriate officers of FURMAN UNIVERSITY.  It is further agreed that he/she will be diligent and faithful in the performance of his/her duties at all times.


4.       The Board of Trustees of FURMAN UNIVERSITY has approved policies on Academic Freedom and Tenure as they are stated in the Faculty Handbook, File 137.8.


5.       Certain policies regarding faculty status, benefits and performance adopted by the Administration and the Faculty of FURMAN UNIVERSITY are enumerated in File 100.1, Guideline 6f of the Faculty Handbook.  Trustees' policies pertaining to faculty security and professional rights are contained in File 100.0 of the Faculty Handbook.


6.       It is understood that all of the terms of this contract shall be in effect during whatever period the teacher is in the employ of FURMAN UNIVERSITY except as terms of rank, salary or status may be amended by an annual contract renewal agreement.


7.       If at any time the teacher herein employed does not meet the terms of this contract, he/she hereby agrees to resign.


 In witness whereof, the aforesaid parties have executed this agreement this ______ day of ________________ 20__.




_________________________________________           __________________________________________

                    Faculty Member                                                                  For Furman University



               Social Security Number








SPECIAL NOTE: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools requires that the university have on file transcripts bearing the university or college seal for all undergraduate and graduate degrees.  These must be in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs by September 1, 20____.


 Furman University offers equal opportunity in its employment, admissions and education activities, in compliance with Title IX and other civil rights laws