Exhibit B. Furman University Employment Contract

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Exhibit B. Furman University Employment Contract


Employment Agreement


 This employment agreement is made and entered into by and between Furman University (the “University”) and ________________ (“Faculty Member”). 

  1. The University hereby employs Faculty Member, and Faculty Member agrees to be employed by the University, for the period of one year, beginning August 1, 20___ and ending July 31, 20___, unless such employment relationship is terminated earlier by either party pursuant to the policies of the University. Faculty Member’s initial position under this Agreement will be as Assistant Professor of _________. 
  1. Faculty Member’s salary for the full 20___–20__ academic session will be $________.  This salary will be paid over a period of 12 months at the rate of $_______ per month, so long as Faculty Member remains employed by the University.  These payments will be less applicable withholdings. 
  1. As required by federal law, employment with the University is contingent on Faculty Member timely presenting documents to establish identity and authorization to work in the United States.  Employment is also contingent on the results of a criminal background check being satisfactory to the University. 
  1. Certain policies regarding faculty academic freedom, tenure, benefits, performance, and other matters are included in the University’s Faculty Handbook.  Faculty Member agrees to comply with applicable policies, as they may be amended from time to time.  Faculty Member also agrees to be diligent and faithful in the performance of Faculty Member’s duties at all times that Faculty Member is employed by the University.  
  1. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties related to the subject herein, and it supersedes any other agreements or understandings related to such subject matter.  The terms of this agreement shall be in effect during whatever period Faculty Member is employed by the University, except as such terms may be amended in writing between the parties, such as in annual contract renewal agreements.  

In witness whereof, the parties hereto have executed this agreement as of the ____ day of ________, 2__.


 ___________________________________           ____________________________________


                    Faculty Member                                                        For Furman University


The University will pay Faculty Member a lump sum payment of $______ to assist Faculty Member with expenses incurred in relocating to the Greenville area.  This payment will be subject to tax withholdings to the extent required by applicable law.  

This is a tenure track position. With regards to tenure, Faculty Member may count between _____ and _____ years of full-time teaching with the rank of Instructor or higher in four-year accredited colleges or universities. Faculty Member must submit to the office of the Dean of the Faculty in writing before the first scheduled day of class of Faculty Member’s second semester at Furman how many years within this range Faculty Member would like to apply towards tenure.  The number of years that will be applied will be determined by the Dean of the Faculty.


SPECIAL NOTE: For all of Faculty Member’s undergraduate and graduate degrees, Faculty Member must have transcripts (bearing the applicable university or college seal) on file with the University’s Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs by August 1, 20___. 


 Furman University offers equal opportunity in its employment, admissions and education activities, in compliance with Title VII, Title IX, and other applicable laws.