128.5 Tests and Other Written Work

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128.5 Tests and Other Written Work


A. Background

Regular, routine tests and other graded written assignments in the progress of a course are considered to be means by which students and faculty members may measure academic progress.


B. Policy

At the beginning of each term the faculty member shall make clear to the students his or her goals for the course and the policy and procedure on tests and written assignments, including the relationship of these to the final course grade. Faculty members shall emphasize the importance of academic integrity during the completion of all tests and assignments.


C. Guidelines

1. Faculty members should convey to each class at the beginning of the term the specific requirements of the course.

2. The number, design, and grading of tests and other written assignments is the responsibility of the faculty member.

3. The faculty member should give enough written work to keep students adequately informed at appropriate points in time about their academic status in a course.

4. Graded tests and assignments early in the term are especially important for the freshman's self-evaluation.

5. Each faculty member is expected to evaluate the form as well as the content of materials written by students in a course.

6. Evaluations should be done promptly and reported to the student as quickly as possible.

7. Usually an absence from a test must be excused to qualify the student for a make-up test.

8. Faculty members should keep a student's unreturned papers, tests, and examinations for a period of two regular semesters following the end of the course and allow the student to inspect them if he or she so desires (See File 183.2).