861.1 Consulting and Outside Employment

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 60 - Professional Growth/Training
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Adoption Date: 09/24/1998
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861.1 Consulting and Outside Employment


A. Background

Furman University encourages its administrative officers and staff to serve the academic and business community and to further their professional development through consulting and other professional relationships.


B. Policy

Furman administrators may be retained by colleges, individuals, industry, research organizations or other agencies and institutions for consulting and other professional services when such services do not detract from their administrative duties.


C. Guidelines

1. It is permissible for a member of the administration to receive an honorarium or fee for services rendered when the activity is clearly in addition to one's normal duties.

2. Such activities must not encroach upon the administrator's regular duties at Furman. The guiding principle is that a full-time administrator is responsible to Furman and must give priority to University activities.

3. Any time a Furman administrator is being retained for a fee, the person must state clearly that he is providing the service as an individual and not as a representative to the University.

4. In instances requiring large amounts of time, an appropriate adjustment in duties and salary paid by Furman may be made when such action is deemed fair and advantageous to both Furman and the administrator.