858.2 Severe Weather--Curtailment of Activities

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 8 - Human Resources; 50 - Health/Safety
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Adoption Date: 12/14/1998
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858.2 Severe Weather--Curtailment of Activities


A. Background

Even though the weather in Greenville is relatively mild, there are occasions when severe weather causes hazardous road conditions. As the majority of students live on campus, classes and the full complement of services will be continued in bad weather to the extent possible. However, extremely severe weather may force curtailment of some activities and a policy is needed to decide when curtailment is appropriate.


B. Policy

When severe weather is present, the University will continue to operate to the fullest extent possible. When road conditions are extremely hazardous, the University may elect to cancel or delay classes and close administrative offices in order to prevent serious injury to those who attempt to drive to class or work.


C. Guidelines

1. If it is necessary to cancel or delay day classes, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will make the decision by 6:00 A.M. on the day of closure. The decision will be based on road conditions (the Public Safety Officer on duty will inspect the campus roads, Highway U.S. 25, and other roads adjacent to the campus and contact the South Carolina Highway Patrol to determine road conditions) and weather forecasts (the Public Safety Officer will monitor weather forecasts during periods of severe weather).

2. The Director of Public Safety will brief the Vice President for Academic Affairs. When the decision is made to cancel or delay classes and/or close the University, the Director of Public Safety will notify the Public Safety Dispatcher; the News and Media Relations Director; the President; the Vice President for Finance and Administration; the Assistant Vice President for Administrative/Auxiliary Services; and administrators for the Dining Hall, PAC, University Center, and Library. The Director of Public Safety will also send an announcement on the university’s emergency notification system. Information on class cancellation or delay and University closing, as well as operational hours for the Dining Hall, PAC, University Center, and Library, will also be posted on Public Safety’s weather recording (294-3766 and 294-FSNO).

3. The News and Media Relations Director will post information about classes and/or administrative offices being closed or delayed on Furman’s websites (FUnet and www.furman.edu) and notify the local TV and radio stations about the university’s decision to close or cancel classes.

4. When day classes are canceled, staff personnel are not expected to work. However, there are several departments that must maintain operations even though most operations are closed. Those departments (i.e. Public Safety, Facilities Services, Infirmary, Dining Hall and University Center) will operate on their internal policies which are designed for emergency operations.

5. The following radio and television stations will be notified:




D. Fox Carolina TV

E. WMYI FM 102.5

F. WSSL FM 100.5

G.WROO FM 96.7

H.WESC FM 92.5

I. WJMZ FM 107.3

J. WLFJ FM 89.3

K. WROQ FM 101.1

L. WLPS FM 96.5

6. The Public Safety Department will post a Winter Storm Plan on the Public Safety website under Emergency Information.

7. In the event that the Vice President for Academic Affairs is unable to perform the duties outlined in this policy, it will be the responsibility of the Vice President for Finance and Administration to make the decision concerning curtailment of activities for the campus. If classes are in session at the time the Vice President for Finance and Administration is called on to make a school closing decision, s/he will consult with the Associate Academic Dean before finalizing the decision.

8. Decisions on other planned campus activities and sports events will be made by the department or person sponsoring each event.