123.2 Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Courses

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
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A. Background

Sometimes regularly enrolled graduate students at Furman University take selected advanced undergraduate courses for graduate credit. In such instances, as appropriate, the professor teaching the course makes a clear distinction between graduate and undergraduate assignments and grading.


B. Policy

When graduate credit is awarded to a graduate student for an advanced course which normally carries undergraduate credit, the professor shall require that the graduate student complete additional work (e.g., readings, papers) and shall evaluate the graduate student's work according to standards appropriate for awarding graduate credit.


C. Guidelines

1. Graduate credit may be given only for advanced undergraduate courses. Normally 20-level courses are not considered advanced undergraduate courses. However, they may be used in a graduate degree program with the approval of the department chair and the director of graduate studies.

2. The special requirements for graduate credit should clearly reflect the higher critical and research standards associated with graduate courses.

3. The special requirements for graduate credit should be established in writing and distributed to all graduate students at the beginning of the course.

4. Graduate credit for the course will be given only to graduate students; undergraduate students may not complete extra work and earn graduate credit.