720.1 Catering Services

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/06/1999
Category: 7 - Auxiliary Operations; 20 - Dining Hall
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720.1 Catering Services


A. Background

Furman University Dining Services offers full-service catering to both on-campus and off-campus customers in an effort to generate revenue for the university and to provide a high level of service and convenience to university customers.


B. Policy

Catered services, including the use of facilities, will be provided to appropriate groups as long as this does not conflict with the provision of basic food service to students. University events will be given priority over non-university events in scheduling and pricing.


C. Guidelines

1. All catering requests must be submitted to Catering Services.

2. First priority for reservations shall be given to official university events. A university event is defined as one which is: (1) designed to enhance the ongoing business of the university; and (2) sponsored by a department or program of the university or designated as official university business by an officer of the administration. Personal events of faculty and staff shall not be treated as official university events.

3. Official university functions may be scheduled up to two years in advance. Reservations for groups outside the university(including wedding receptions) may be made no more than eleven months in advance. Requests from off-campus with less than eleven months notice will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. The following facilities are available for catered events and should be reserved through Catering Services:



Daniel Dining Room


Hartness Pavilion


Faculty Dining Room


Trustees Dining Room






Use of Daniel Dining Room and the Faculty Dining Room is restricted based on regular service hours in these facilities.

5. Other facilities are available on campus but must be scheduled with the appropriate department. Please schedule these facilities prior to contacting Catering Services for an event.

6. The Hartness Pavilion is available by reservation with the following provisions:

This facility may be used with or without catered food service. If food service is required, it must be provided by Furman Catering Services. Standard fees will be charged to groups using the facility without food service.

Each group must have a designated individual who is responsible for the cost of the event. Breakage and damage of Catering Services property will be included in the cost of service.

Student groups must reserve the pavilion through the faculty advisor for the group and the advisor must be present throughout the event.

7. The Trustees Dining Room is available by reservation and only with catered food service. This room may only be used by an officer of the administration as listed annually in the Furman University Catalogue or by other groups approved by Catering Services. Priority for use of this room is given to activities of the President and the Board of Trustees.

8. Events in the Pala Den Food Court dining area must be coordinated through the Director of the University Center.

9. Furman Catering is the only authorized provider of catering services on campus. Outside caterers are not allowed to provide service to any university group.