680.1 Athletic Team Travel

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/14/2002
Category: 6 - Intercollegiate Athletics; 80 - Travel
Originator: Director of Athletics
Current File: 680.1
Adoption Date: 03/02/2015
Reviewed for Currency: 03/02/2015
Replaces File: 680.1
Date of Origin: 11/02/1994
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680.1 Athletic Team Travel


A. Background

Furman University’s intercollegiate athletics programs require the interest, trust and support of the university community. Intercollegiate teams must travel. It is the responsibility of the university to provide safe and efficient transportation for the student-athletes, athletics staff and support personnel who represent the university in these programs.


B. Policy

All student-athletes, athletics staff and support personnel who travel, as authorized representatives of the university, with an athletics team to a sanctioned contest will be provided transportation that is safe and efficient.  Transportation will meet all safety standards, will employ qualified personnel and will observe safe limits on capacities.


C. Guidelines

1. Vans may be used for travel to destinations that require fewer than 350 miles to be driven in any one day. If distances exceed 350 miles per day, travel will be by chartered bus rather than by van. (See File 381.1)

2. All charters will be arranged by the coaching staff of each team.  Charter bus companies will be chosen from a list of prequalified companies selected by the Director of Athletics.3. No vans will be driven if the team is expected to be on the road after 12:00 midnight. (See File 381.1)

3. If unplanned travel should occur after 12:00 midnight, the travel must be documented and reported to the Director of Athletics immediately.

4. A full-time staff member will drive each van.  If two designated staff drivers are on a van, the alternate driver will occupy the front passenger seat.  Students will not be allowed to drive a van.

5. Drivers of vans MUST be certified by Furman University.  University Police oversees the process of certification to drive a university van. (See File 389.4)

6. Each passenger in the van must wear his or her properly designated seat belt.  The driver is responsible for enforcing this regulation. (See File 389.3)

7. Drivers will be prioritized as follows:

    a. Head Coaches

    b. Assistant Coaches

    c. Athletic Trainers

8. Student-athletes may not drive themselves or other students on a trip unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Athletics and a Travel Release Form or waiver is completed prior to departure.  (See File 367.5)

9. A complete list of the travel party must be sent to the “Athletics Travel List” email account before the team departs on the trip. This email should also include lodging arrangements, time of departure, and estimated time of arrival back on campus.

10. The football equipment truck may only have as many passengers as seat belts. Any additional travelers will follow the equipment truck in a seatbelt-equipped vehicle or ride the team bus.

11. Drivers of courtesy cars that are temporarily donated by local car dealerships and/or university vehicles will be subjected to a motor vehicle record search conducted by University Police. The Athletics Department will submit a list of potential drivers annually to University Police for approval. Undergraduate students will not be allowed to drive these vehicles.

12. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed during the twelve (12) hours prior to driving or at any time while driving.

13. Coaches should carry cellular telephones with them at all times while traveling.