600.2 Athletic Director

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600.2 Athletic Director


A. Background

Intercollegiate athletics are an important part of university life at Furman. It is important that the athletics department and intercollegiate athletics program be administered with emphasis given to the student-athlete and to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and the community to benefit from the intercollegiate athletics program.


B. Policy

The Athletic Director administers the intercollegiate athletics programs for the university.


C. Guidelines

1. The Athletic Director is appointed by and is directly responsible to the President.

2. Duties and responsibilities of the Athletic Director include the following:

a. Supervising athletics staff members and coaches by hiring, monitoring performance and compliance with regulations, and termination, renewal and non-renewal of contracts;

b. Implementing policies and procedures to define the control and conduct of the athletics program and intercollegiate athletics events;

c. Preparing and monitoring the department budget and other athletics program funds;

d. Administering the maintenance, repair and improvement of the physical facilities for the intercollegiate athletics program;

e. Promoting the athletics program to the community through individual contacts, athletics programs, and marketing; and

f. Preparing reports for the trustees, faculty, student, alumni and other supporters about the activities of the athletics department and the intercollegiate athletics program.