500.1 Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations

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500.1 Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations


A. Background

Many requests are made by individuals and groups for news or information about Furman's activities and programs. It is necessary for consistency and accuracy to have one office through which all public relations functions are conducted involving Furman's constituencies.


B. Policy

The Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations is the administrative officer who is responsible for recommending, organizing, and directing activities and programs of the Marketing and Public Relations Office that performs public relations/marketing functions involving Furman's constituencies.


C. Guidelines

1. The Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations is appointed by the President and directly responsible to him.

2. The Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for activities and programs involving Furman's constituencies including the following areas:

a. news service

b. publications

c. photography services

d. internal public relations

e. electronic publication

f. printing services

g. government relations

h. community relations

i. external public relations

3. The Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations:

a. provides managerial direction and coordination of all public relations/marketing activities;

b. works with various units of the University to promote and extend the University's interest and influence;

c. plans and forecasts, recommending and establishing programs to meet the needs and projects of the University within the public relations/marketing concept;

d. makes recommendations for improvements in internal and external communications;

e. plans and oversees a integrated marketing program to create and maintain a favorable image, in accordance with Furman's Strategic Plan by directing research, developing and overseeing the implementation of strategies;

f. serves as a chair of the Furman marketing task force;

g. works with marketing and public relations consultants;

h. plans and largely handles a program to achieve more attention for Furman in the national news media;

i. works with the publications editor and designer on external vendors to produce other publications, including Admissions recruitment material;

j. provides writing and public relation services to the President, as needed;

k. makes effective use of the President, trustees, senior officers of the University, other members of the staff and faculty, and alumni in various internal and external relations programs of the University and assists their efforts in the process;

l. monitors developments and trends in the news/public relations and marketing field;

m. regularly communicates information and recommendations to the President and other officers of the University;

n. plans the marketing/public relations budget and reviews office expenditures monthly to make sure they are in line with budgeted funds;

o. oversees the billing for photography services; and

p. supervises and manages the staff and directs various personnel functions, such as hiring, making recommendations on promotions and salary increases, and arranging vacation schedules.