423.1 Gifts to the University

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/06/1999
Category: 4 - Development & Alumni Affairs; 20 - Fund Raising
Originator: Vice President for Development
Current File: 423.1
Adoption Date: 12/17/1998
Reviewed for Currency: 05/24/2007
Replaces File: 423.1
Date of Origin: 11/04/1974
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423.1 Gifts to the University


A. Background

In order to maintain accurate gift records on each donor, it is necessary that all gifts to the University be channeled through one central source. The donor records are essential to meet the University's financial reporting needs and to support the University in certifying donor gifts for tax purposes.


B. Policy

Regardless of which University department receives them, all gifts (1) by cash/check, (2) in kind contribution or (3) by security are to be sent to the Development Office.


C. Guidelines

1 .On each gift, the following information should be provided to the Development Office:

1. exact name and complete address of donor

2. by whom the gift is to be acknowledged

3. date gift received

4. description of gift

5. gift amount (if valuation of kind gift, source of valuation)

6. thorough instructions of donor intention of gift

7. any other pertinent information.

2. All significant quantities of chemicals, radioactive materials, or laboratory equipment which are received by departments, laboratories, or individual, i.e., free samples, gifts of chemicals, etc., require prior approval from the Environmental Health and Safety Office before they are accepted by the person or department receiving the material(s).