420.1 Gift Solicitation

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/06/1999
Category: 4 - Development & Alumni Affairs; 20 - Fund Raising
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420.1 Gift Solicitation


A. Background

Funding of the educational and related programs of Furman University relies upon a balance between tuition and fees paid by enrolled students, income from the University endowment, government grants, and voluntary gift income from individuals, foundations and corporations. In keeping with Furman's aspiration as a university of the highest quality, the Development program is responsible for maximizing gift income for annual, plant and endowment purposes. Therefore it must coordinate all efforts to obtain gift funding.


B. Policy

The Development Office is responsible for coordinating the solicitation of all gifts and grants for Furman University and its programs and for securing all gifts except those through the Paladin Club.


C. Guidelines

1. Within the University all financial needs should be requested through normal operational channels (academic needs through the Vice President for Academic Affairs, athletic needs through the Director of Athletics, physical plant needs through the Vice President for Finance and Administration, etc.).

2. Identified needs which are given a high priority should be funded through the institutional budget when possible.

3. High priority needs which cannot be met through the institutional budget should be referred to the Vice President for Development. During a comprehensive campaign, new needs will be assessed by the Campaign Steering Committee and considered in the context of the Strategic Plan of the University. Their recommendations will be made to the President. Board approval is required for all needs in excess of $250,000. Those needs which are deemed strategic will become priorities for fund-raising.

4. The Development staff will address meeting the priority needs through the solicitation of gifts and grants from appropriate sources, beginning normally with a major gift to launch each project.

5. When a prospective donor initiates a discussion concerning a gift for a particular purpose, he or she will be encouraged to support a strategic need of the University. If the donor wishes to fund a project which is incompatible with the University goals and objectives, the gift will be discouraged.

6. While persons and departments throughout the campus are encouraged to engage in the solicitation of financial support, all gift solicitation of any type, from any source, requires the written prior approval of the Vice President for Development.