401.1 Vice President for Development

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401.1 Vice President for Development


A. Background

The Mission Statement for Development, guiding the strategic and short-term decision-making process in the Development Department, was adopted unanimously in December 1999 by Development employees. It reads as follows:

We are a team united to affirm the ideals of Furman University whose mission as a liberal arts college is to educate the whole person. The purpose of the Development program at Furman is to support the mission and priorities of the University.

We are liaisons between and advocates for the University, her alumni and friends. We strive to create opportunities for meaningful participation with Furman, to build positive relationships and to promote financial commitment to the University.

We serve Furman's students, alumni, friends, and our colleagues with respect, honesty, and integrity, creating an environment of trust. We believe our work is honorable, meaningful, and worthy of our best efforts.

Essential to the operation of a college is a staff experienced in program planning, forecasting and execution, working with constituents such as alumni and parents of students, friends, corporations, foundations, and other groups to secure financial support for the University.


B. Policy

The Vice President for Development is an officer of the administration responsible for developing, promoting and coordinating the operating units of the Development Department and the programs involved in each operating area. He is the chief operating officer of capital programs.


C. Guidelines

1. The Vice President for Development is appointed by and responsible to the President of the University.

2. Program directors within the Development Department are:

a. Director of Development

b. Director of the Alumni Association

c. Director of the Furman Fund (also responsible for the Parents Program budget)

d. Grants Administrator

e. Director of Planned Giving

f. Director of Major Gifts

g. Director of Research

h. Director of Stewardship

i. Director of Development Systems

j. Director of Communications

3. The Vice President for Development is responsible for the development of policies and procedures to maximize gifts at the highest return on the budget expended.

4. The Vice President for Development conducts an annual planning process involving all Development administrators. This process will include establishing goals, objectives, and action plans to meet annual and capital needs in keeping with the University's mission. He is responsible for regular review of progress and recommendation of appropriate goal revisions as necessary.

5. The Vice President for Development does the following:

a. establishes overall long-range projections as they relate to all areas of Development;

b. reviews plans and forecasts and other areas of the University and establishes programs to meet the needs and projections of the University;

c. measures the overall effectiveness of the Development Department;

d. develops the budget for the department and the consolidation of all internal program budgets into a departmental budget request;

e. supervises the expenditure of budgeted funds;

f. assumes responsibility in the identification, cultivation, and the solicitation of major gifts from individuals, corporations, government agencies and foundations as well as any other sources of support for the University;

g. determines the most effective use in fund raising of the President, the trustees, senior officers of the University, and volunteers, and assists their efforts in the development process;

h. oversees the flow and content of proposals to prospective donors;

i. determines the clearance of all prospects and makes certain that proposals are presented which address the University's priorities;

j. plans for research and interprets and applies resulting information in developing gift marketing concepts and donor programs.

6. The Vice President for Development must be knowledgeable about developments and trends in the fund-raising and public relations fields and about the habits and inclinations of Furman's constituencies. The Vice President for Development regularly communicates information and recommendations to the President and other interested parties of the University.

7. The Vice President for Development administers the affairs of the Advisory Council and provides staff support for the Development Committee of the Board of Trustees.