389.1 Use of Pool Vehicle

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/06/1999
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 80 - Service/Travel
Originator: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Current File: 389.1
Adoption Date: 12/15/1998
Reviewed for Currency: 12/14/2001
Replaces File: 389.1
Date of Origin: 02/26/1974
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389.1 Use of Pool Vehicle


A. Background

As a convenience to employees to reduce travel costs, Furman has a number of vehicles that may be used by employees for University business.


B. Policy

Facilities Services will maintain a limited number of vehicles for use by employees while on official business for the University. Official business trips for the University are those trips properly charged to one of the budget units in the budgets approved by the Board of Trustees. Activities funded by restricted gifts and grants received for the direct benefit of the University are considered official business.


C. Guidelines

1. Travel request forms are to be prepared and approved prior to each trip.

2. Drivers of pool vehicles are to adhere to state traffic regulations and are to practice safe driving techniques.

3. Gasoline credit cards issued to Furman may be used only for purchasing gasoline for University vehicles and rental automobiles.

4. Accident instructions are provided in the glove compartment of each vehicle. Drivers should become familiar with these instructions.

5. The department to which the trip is being charged is responsible for the first $500 of damage caused by collision and for damage to the vehicle in excess of normal wear and tear.

6. Traffic accidents involving University vehicles must be reported to Facilities Services promptly.

7. Minimum charge for the use of a pool vehicle is the current daily rate for that vehicle.

8. Drivers of University vans and large trucks must be tested and certified by University's Safety Personnel (Facilities Services).

9. Included in the pool are several vans for which the Athletics Department has priority for team travel provided written travel requests have been submitted sixty (60) days before the date of travel.

10. All decisions in regard to this policy must be made within the context of the available vehicles and gasoline supply.

11. Exceptions to this policy can only be made by the President and vice presidents for their respective areas.