388.5 Travel to University Related Meetings by Administrative and Support Personnel

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 80 - Service/Travel
Originator: President
Current File: 388.5
Adoption Date: 02/17/1999
Reviewed for Currency: 11/05/2001
Replaces File: 008.5
Date of Origin: 04/23/1975
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388.5 Travel to University Related Meetings by Administrative and Support Personnel


(Number only changed from 008.5)

A. Background

Furman has traditionally supported the travel of administrative and support staff to professional meetings, including those at which the University should be officially represented in order to maintain proper standing, receive necessary information, enhance the knowledge and skills of an individual staff member, and to develop and maintain contact with other institutions.


B. Policy

Travel expenses incurred on official Furman business will be paid by the University if the expenses are properly authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented. Care must be exercised in the request and approval of travel to be certain budgets will absorb the expenditure and the University will benefit as expected.


C. Guidelines

1. Travel Form TEV is to be used for university travel. These forms are available in the office of Director of Administrative Services.

2. Meetings are to be evaluated in terms of importance to the University before approval is given.

3. Travel approval must be secured from at least one person upward in a reporting chain.

4. Travelers are encouraged to summarize their notes and share them with other staff members.

5. For administrative and support personnel, other travel references in the Policies and Procedures Manual are:

File 381.1 - Travel by Chartered or Private Aircraft

File 388.2- University Travel Cards

File 388.3 - Travel Reservations

File 388.4 - Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

File 389.1 - Use of Pool Vehicles

File 389.3 - Safety Belt Law

File 389.4 - Driver Qualification and Vehicle Safety