330.5 Posting of Bills

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 02/06/1999
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 30 - Buildings/Grounds/Equipment
Originator: President
Current File: 330.5
Adoption Date: 12/05/2011
Reviewed for Currency: 12/05/2011
Replaces File: 330.5
Date of Origin: 11/26/1976
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330.5 Posting of Bills


A. Background

Furman's campus and buildings are generally pleasing in appearance and thus are beneficial to the institution in many ways. All feasible efforts should be made to preserve this appearance.


B. Policy

The posting of bills and other materials on the campus, on buildings, and inside buildings must be subject to the guidelines which will help preserve the pleasing appearance of the total campus.


C. Guidelines

1. The office of Student Life and the facilities supervisors will be responsible for deciding what materials may be posted on campus.

2. Posters announcing both on-campus and off-campus events must be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event. Bills announcing a continuing service cannot be posted for longer than one term.

3. Except for necessary notices (e.g., traffic directions, official signs, etc.), no materials will be posted on campus grounds.

4. No materials will be posted on the exterior surfaces of buildings. This includes the exterior of doors.

5. The custodial staff will be instructed to remove materials which do not conform to these policies and/or are remaining after the expiration date.

6. The Student Life staff and facilities supervisors will periodically inspect the facilities and will remove posted materials which are undesirable, out of date, or otherwise not following these guidelines.

7. No materials will be posted in the Administration Building except as permitted by an appropriate office in the building.

8. Individuals and groups who are allowed to post materials will be expected to remove the materials when they become out of date.

9. In posting materials, care should be taken to prevent any damage to buildings or grounds. The person or group doing the posting will be responsible for damages and repairs. (Cellophane tape or adhesives that mar the surface will not be permitted.)

10. On campus groups may use chalk on sidewalk areas. Chalking is prohibited on inside areas, any doors or walls, as well as stone and blue stone areas.

11. The office of Student Life will determine whether or not an off-campus agency will be permitted to advertise. Special care will be taken to prevent the display of any materials which are not in harmony with Furman's purpose and values or which for any reason may be deemed objectionable.

12. Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines will result in a charge to the party or organization to cover the cost of poster removal or any damages resulting from improper poster placement.