325.5 Centralization of Lost and Found Services

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/06/1999
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 20 - Security/Traffic
Originator: Director of Public Safety
Current File: 325.5
Adoption Date: 12/14/1998
Reviewed for Currency: 05/24/2007
Replaces File: 325.5
Date of Origin: 08/14/1980
Classification: Faculty
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325.5 Centralization of Lost and Found Services


A. Background

People in the campus community sometimes lose or misplace property. Many people are not aware of the locations where the lost items were misplaced. There is a need throughout the campus community for centralizing the recovery of misplaced property.


B. Policy

The Public Safety Department will serve as the central deposit of lost and found property on campus.


C. Guidelines

1. To assist the owner in locating his or her property as soon as possible, all found property will be turned over to the Public Safety Department immediately.

2. The following information is requested when turning over property to Public Safety: name of finder, location where found, time and date found.

3. All rewards, if offered by the person who lost the property, will be referred to the finder.

4. Items turned into the Public Safety Department will be held for thirty (30) days. At the end of thirty (30) days, the property will be returned to the finder, if requested.

5. In cases of unclaimed property where the finder's name was not furnished or the finder did not want the property, the property will be donated to charity or auctioned with the proceeds being used for crime prevention education.