315.1 Long Distance Telephone Calls

Created by: Pat Teague on 08/20/2001
Category: 3 - Finance and Administration; 10 - Accounting/Auditing/Budgeting
Originator: President
Current File: 315.1
Adoption Date: 01/31/2013
Reviewed for Currency: 01/31/2013
Replaces File: 008.4
Date of Origin: 04/11/1975
Classification: Faculty
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315.1 Long Distance Telephone Calls


A. Background

Telephone communication is an essential part of Furman's operation and a substantial amount of telephone equipment is in use. Long distance calls are sometimes the most effective and inexpensive method to accomplish a specific purpose. However, a policy on long distance calls is needed as an aid in maintaining control on costs.


B. Policy

Information Technology Services will use the lowest-cost appropriate long distance service. Long distance telephone calls should be made only when speed is required, direct conversation with the other party is important, or other methods of communication are not in the university's best interest.


C. Guidelines

1. Budget Unit Heads are responsible for ensuring that calls for only the official business of Furman University are charged to their budget unit.

2. All persons authorized to make telephone calls on behalf of the university must apply for, and use, a Personal Authorization Code (PAC) for each budget to which calls are to be charged. Requests for codes must be made to Information Technology Services by the appropriate Budget Unit Head. Personal use of the PAC is at the discretion of the appropriate Budget Unit Head whose responsibility it is to ensure that the university is properly reimbursed for the cost of such calls.

3. Ordering and installation of telephone lines and services in off-campus facilities, or any telephone lines not connected to the university's telephone switch, must be coordinated by the office of Information Technology Services, which is responsible for ensuring that all such services are in compliance with and may benefit from any contract that the university may have entered into.