111.31 University Chaplain

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111.31 University Chaplain


A. Background

The chaplains provide Christian ministry to the Furman community and nurture campus religious life. Believing that faith and learning belong together in an academic community, the chaplains offer pastoral care and prophetic witness. They encourage an ecumenical spirit that affirms the religious traditions represented on campus. Stressing a collegial approach, the chaplains view ministry as a cooperative effort of clergy, students, faculty, and staff.


B. Policy

The University Chaplain is an administrative officer directly responsible to the President of the University. He or she oversees and makes recommendations concerning the religious life on campus.


C. Guidelines

1. The Chaplain is appointed by the President with the approval of the trustees.

2. The Chaplain's staff includes an associate, an administrative assistant, twelve campus ministers, chapel receptionist, sexton, and student assistants.

3. To encourage (with support and challenge) the Furman family in their spiritual and moral growth, the chaplains:

a. offer pastoral care and counseling to the total university community--students, faculty, administration, and staff;

b. conduct regular university worship services;

c. maintain a staff of campus ministers to serve Furman as representatives of the various major religious denominations and organizations on campus;

d. coordinate the activities of organized religious groups on campus;

e. lead in scheduling the Religion-in-Life convocation series and in administering the program;

f. provide vocational counseling and engaged learning opportunities to church-related vocations students;

g. consult and cooperate with other counseling resources on campus;

h. provide continuing theological education experiences such as the annual Furman Pastors School and the Ministers Workshop series;

i. serve as members of the Department of Religion, teaching both introductory and upper level courses;

j. counsel and consult with ministers and social service agencies in the larger community; and

k. oversee the use of the facilities in the Charles E. Daniel Memorial Chapel.