111.3 Chaplain's Office

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111.3 Chaplain's Office


A. Background

Consistent with the heritage of the institution the University includes trained clergy among its professional staff.


B. Policy

The chaplain and his or her associates are responsible for providing spiritual guidance, moral direction, counseling/care, and coordinating campus religious activities.


C. Guidelines

1. The chaplain is appointed by the President and reports directly to the Vice President for Student Life.

2. Among the duties of the chaplain and staff are:

a. Pastoral ministry in crises for the Furman community—students, faculty, administration and staff, and their families;

b. Regular and continuing counseling to members of the Furman community;

c. Leadership in various religious activities on campus and administrative responsibility for all religious organizations;

d. Direction of Religion-in-Life series, L.D. Johnson “What Really Matters?” lecture series, Hesburg lecture, seminars,personal growth groups, and university worship;

e. Assessing and subsequently granting or denying use of university facilities by off-campus religious groups or individuals;

f. Administration of the Exploration of Vocation and Ministry internship program for students who desire to explore their vocational interest in and call to a ministry in ecclesial, non-profit, or other professional settings;

g. Leadership and direction of the Religious Council;

h. Oversight and administration of the campus ministers program;i. Administration of the facilities of the Charles E. Daniel Memorial Chapel.