190.3 Appeals Committee Operating Procedures

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 10/16/2002
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 90 - Miscellaneous
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Adoption Date: 05/12/2008
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190.3 Appeals Committee Operating Procedures


A. Background

The Appeals Committee is a faculty committee established by Article V, Section 5(g), of the faculty constitution. It is charged with receiving and ruling upon appeals from students who believe that extenuating circumstances warrant their being granted an exception to any academic regulation.


B. Policy

The Appeals Committee, through the office of the Associate Academic Dean, receives and rules on appeals from all students wishing to request an exception to academic regulations. Although a further appeal by the student to the Provost and to the President of the University is possible, the Appeals Committee is normally the final ruling on such appeals.


C. Guidelines

1. The committee holds one regular meeting each month, at which time it will consider all appeals received in the office of the Associate Academic Dean. The deadline for such appeals is to be set by the committee at the beginning of each semester.

2. The members of the Appeals Committee should expect to meet in the days just before and after the spring and summer commencements to consider all appeals concerning graduation. In the period between the spring commencement and the beginning of the Fall semester, a quorum of at least four voting members may be constituted from the memberships of both the outgoing and newly elected Appeals Committee.

3. Emergency meetings can and will be called when exceptional circumstance warrant them, but the burden of proof is upon the appealing student to show why his or her case requires special consideration.

4. The Associate Academic Dean will provide copies of the student's appeal to members of the Appeals Committee and to involved faculty and their Chairs; the Chair of the Appeals Committee will invite a response from each involved faculty member and department Chair. No later than the day before the meeting at which the appeal will be considered, the Chair of the Appeals Committee should distribute to each member of the Appeals Committee a copy of responses received. Following a decision by the Committee, the Chair of the Appeals committee will send to the involved faculty members and Chairs copies of the report of their decision.

5. If an appeal under consideration poses a conflict of interest for a member of the Appeals Committee, that member shall not vote on the appeal. This is particularly relevant for appeals concerning disability-related accommodations as specified in (See File 107.4, "Students with Disabilities"), C3 (a) through (c).

6. The deliberations of the Appeals Committee are confidential. However, any resulting decision is a matter of record and will be maintained in a file in the office of the Associate Academic Dean. This file may be consulted by any faculty member needing specific information.