188.2 Faculty Office Assistance

Created by: Dana Trebing on 05/14/2003
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 80 - Procedures
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188.2 Faculty Office Assistance


A. Background

Furman provides office assistance to members of the faculty. Departments have assistants on a part-time or full-time basis. Assistance is also available to faculty members not being served in their departments.


B. Policy

The university provides office assistance in convenient locations for members of the faculty for their professional needs.


C. Guidelines

1. Department assistants are charged with supplying services that are strictly profession-related; they are not to do tasks that are not directly related to the teacher's instruction or professional activities.

2. Department assistants assist faculty members, but those assigned to a department are directly supervised by the department chair. The responsible department chair resolves special questions of priorities in the use of a particular department assistant's time.

3. Each department assistant follows a priority listing of the services he or she is to provide. For example, assistance with lengthy manuscripts for articles or books may be provided only if the department assistant has no more pressing assignments.

4. If more than one department is involved, priorities are established by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean.

5. Serious problems about office assistance and requests for extraordinary service should be brought to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean.