180.5 Department Budgets

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 80 - Procedures
Originator: Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
Current File: 180.5
Adoption Date: 12/15/1998
Reviewed for Currency: 05/30/2003
Replaces File: 180.5
Date of Origin: 11/12/1975
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180.5 Department Budgets


A. Background

Funds from the general university budget are provided for the operation of academic departments and certain other academic programs.


B. Policy

Each academic department is responsible for participation in the formation of its portion of the university budget, control of expenditures to remain within approved amounts, and to spend wisely those funds allocated to the department.


C. Guidelines

1. Early in the academic year the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean requests department chairs to submit estimates of their needs for the next fiscal year.

2. The department chairs consult with departmental members regarding academic programs to be funded during the year and formulate a budget proposal to cover non-faculty wages , expendable supplies, equipment , and other costs necessary to maintain the instructional program. Faculty salaries are determined through a separate procedure. (See File 157.8.)

3. Department chairs submit their requests to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean who reconciles them with estimated income and submits them to the Budget Development Committee. The budget is formulated by the President in consultation with the Committee and submitted to the Trustees for approval.

4. Department chairs are notified of their approved budgets at the beginning of the fiscal year and inform department members regarding the amount of money available to the department. The chair is responsible to keep expenditures within the limits of the allotted funds and to see that all expenditures made are appropriate. Expenditures in excess of approved amounts are not authorized.

5. Department chairs are responsible for projecting expenditures and taking appropriate action to insure that expenditures do not exceed approved amounts by revising expenditures plans or obtaining approval for an additional budget allocation in advance of over committing the approval amounts.

6. The approved budget, expenditures to date, and unobligated balances in departmental accounts are accessible on-line through Furman University Reported Information (FURI).

7. Some academic programs, such as study abroad, are not congruent with an academic department and therefore operate fiscally through budgets.