167.8 Expectations of Scholarly and Creative Activity

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
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167.8 Expectations of Scholarly and Creative Activity


A. Background

The scholarly and creative activity of a faculty is vital to effective teaching at the college level and to the life of Furman University. In evaluating the overall performance of a member of the faculty, the department chairperson, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, and the Faculty Status Committee consider the following to be of major importance:  teaching effectiveness, which is the most important criterion; scholarly or creative activity; and institutional service.


B. Policy

Furman University expects all members of the faculty to be engaged in scholarly or creative activity. The University also encourages each faculty member to engage in original research , but appropriate expectations vary among disciplines. The University provides substantive support for scholarly and creative activity as outlined in Policy 167.9..


C. Guidelines

1. The primary aim of scholarly and creative activity should be the enrichment of teaching at Furman.

2. Scholarly activity refers to those pursuits that increase one's knowledge about his or her discipline or related disciplines or that increase the body of knowledge of the scholarly community. Research, which is one type of scholarly activity, refers to pursuits that yield findings or interpretations which are to be shared with and critiqued by a community of scholars (either of one's discipline or of other disciplines). Creative activity refers to those pursuits that lead to the production or the interpretive performance of works of art for an audience.

3. Scholarly and creative activity is understood to go beyond the usual preparation of courses. Development of new courses and significant re-working or enrichment of current courses may be considered scholarly activity.

4. At Furman, faculty are encouraged to involve students in their professional and creative activity where appropriate. This type of activity is appropriate and valued as it can relate to both teaching and professional/scholarly activity.

5. Publication and presentation are important, and in some disciplines essential, types of scholarly and/or creative activity. The University encourages and supports the faculty's efforts toward publication and presentation as well as other forms of accepted dissemination as defined by various academic disciplines.

6. In evaluating a faculty member's scholarly or creative activity, the Faculty Status Committee and the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean will take into consideration the diversity of scholarly activity across disciplines.