157.8 Faculty Rank

Created by: Dana Trebing on 06/19/2003
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157.8 Faculty Rank


A. Background

Furman organizes its faculty on the basis of academic rank. Full-time faculty members are designated as either Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. Other titles may be assigned when appropriate.


B. Policy

The academic rank of an individual faculty member shall be determined according to academic preparation, professional competence and stature, and quality and duration of service. All faculty are expected to teach effectively, and engage in both professional activity and institutional service, with teaching effectiveness being most important (Policy 152.2). Faculty are also expected to demonstrate devotion to duty, professional ethics, university citizenship, and, as appropriate, community service.


C. Guidelines

1. The different academic ranks may be broadly characterized as follows:

2. Ordinarily the terminal degree is the doctorate. The designation of another degree as an appropriate terminal degree will be made by the relevant academic department in consultation with the  Dean of Faculty and will be clearly recorded in the original contract.

3.  The rank of a new faculty member will be determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty in consultation with the appropriate academic department. Rank at appointment shall be clearly stated in the original contract.

4. For a fuller statement of the criteria and procedures which govern promotion in rank, see File 157.3  for tenure policies, see File 158.4.