157.4 Probationary Appointment

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 04/09/2002
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 50 - Faculty Status
Originator: Academic Administration and Faculty Status Committee
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Adoption Date: 01/14/2002
Reviewed for Currency: 09/26/2017
Replaces File: 157.4
Date of Origin: 11/24/1975
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157.4 Probationary Appointment


A. Background

Probationary appointment provides an opportunity for new faculty members to develop their skills and for the university to evaluate its faculty or develop temporary programs.


B. Policy

All full-time faculty members are on annual probationary appointment until such time as they are either granted tenure or released. (See File 158.4.) All members of the faculty, whether tenured or not, are entitled to academic freedom as set forth in the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, formulated by the Association of American Colleges and the American Association of University Professors, and adopted by the Board of Trustees of Furman University.


C. Guidelines


1. The tenured members of each department shall meet at least annually to review the performance of any department members on probationary appointment. The chair shall then review with the faculty member or members concerned the department's evaluation and shall advise in person and in writing on appropriate measures for improvement if any should be thought necessary.

 2. In addition to the annual review described in Guideline 1, a pre-tenure review will be conducted for all probationary faculty members appointed with fewer than three (3) years of credit toward tenure. The purpose of this review is constructive evaluation of the faculty member's progress towards fulfilling the criteria for tenure. Normally, this review will occur during the third year of a probationary faculty member's employment. However, for faculty members appointed with two (2) years of credit toward tenure, this review will be conducted in their second year at Furman. No pre-tenure review will be conducted for faculty members appointed with three (3) years or more of credit toward tenure.

The process and criteria for this review are similar to those of the tenure review (See File 158.4.). The faculty member shall present to the department chair a file summarizing her or his activities to date. The chair will make the file available to the tenured members of the department and the Dean of Faculty. If the chair is not tenured, then the Dean of Faculty will appoint a tenured member of the department to conduct the review and perform the chair's duties outlined in this policy. The tenured members of the department will meet to evaluate the faculty member's progress and the department chair will submit to the Dean of Faculty a letter representing the evaluative opinions of the department's tenured faculty. The chair's letter will become part of the probationary faculty member's tenure review dossier. Tenured department members may also submit individual letters to the Dean of Faculty.

Dean of Faculty will meet with the chair to provide a university perspective on the faculty member's progress in writing. The chair will then discuss the review with the probationary faculty member.  The candidate may respond to the department letter.

3. The total probationary period may not exceed seven (7) years of full-time teaching experience at accredited four-year colleges or universities, except that the probationary period may extend to as much as four (4) years at Furman even if the total full-time service in the profession thereby exceeds seven (7) years. The terms of such extension will be stated in writing at the time of initial appointment. Note: In accordance with the AAUP definition of probation, the four (4) and seven (7) year periods include a terminal year following a denial of tenure.

4. The university is not obligated to reappoint a faculty member at the end of a probationary year.

5. In the event of a decision not to reappoint at the conclusion of a probationary period, the faculty member shall be informed in writing. The relevant schedules for notification are:

6. Joint appointments are covered in File 157.5

7. The probationary faculty member has rights of due process as defined in File 131.5.