157.1 Part-time Faculty

Created by: Dana Trebing on 06/19/2003
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 50 - Faculty Status
Originator: Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
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Reviewed for Currency: 05/24/2007
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157.1 Part-time Faculty


A. Background

Part-time faculty are untenured faculty hired to teach less than the equivalent of twenty hours per academic year. These teachers may have a special ability not available among the full-time faculty or they may be employed in special circumstances such as resignations, unexpected disabilities, or unplanned increases in enrollment. Apart from such special circumstances, extensive reliance on part-time faculty does not serve the University's best interests.


B. Policy

Furman employs part-time faculty whose qualifications meet standards for full-time employment as established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, but seeks to minimize the use of part-time faculty. Part-time faculty are divided into two categories: Adjuncts and Lecturers. Part-time faculty teaching less than half-time are classified as Adjuncts; part-time faculty on annual contract to teach half-time or more are classified as Lecturers. In cases where part-time faculty are employees over an extended period, the University seeks to provide adjusted compensation in an equitable manner.


C. Guidelines

1. The department chair will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the need for part-time faculty and will receive the Dean's approval before negotiating employment.

2. Compensation for part-time teaching will be negotiated by the Dean in accordance with regular schedules of remuneration based on degree held, experience, and duties.

3. Part-time faculty share in certain government-mandated University programs: Social Security (File 144.2), Unemployment Compensation Insurance (File 144.3), and Workers' Compensation Insurance (File 144.4).

4. Part-time faculty receive benefits relating to the use of University facilities and admission to cultural and athletic events (File 147.8). They are also eligible for family/medical leave (File 815.1) and may make tax-deferred contributions into a Supplemental Retirement Annuity.

5. All part-time faculty are expected to be accessible to the students whom they teach in order to provide appropriate academic assistance.

6. The University will attempt to provide part-time faculty with office space and equipment adequate to their assigned duties.

7. Part-time faculty will receive all University information and messages pertaining directly to their assigned responsibilities. Whenever practicable, part-time faculty will be listed in the campus directory and the University catalog.

8. All part-time faculty will be evaluated by the chair according to criteria consistent with the duties specified in their contracts. Evaluations will be considered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean in decisions concerning contract renewals and increases in compensation.

9. Part-time faculty are not eligible for tenure.

10. In accordance with Furman's faculty constitution, part-time faculty who are employed by Furman on annual contracts for teaching and research for half-time or more are members of the faculty and may vote at faculty meetings. These part-time faculty will normally be classified as Lecturers.

11. Lecturers are eligible to march at graduation and convocations, may attend University dinners and functions. Lecturers are not required to serve on committees or to participate in the advising program unless those duties are specified in their contracts.

12. This policy is not applicable to visiting professors and lecturers brought to the University in accordance with individually negotiated arrangements.

13. This policy is not applicable to administrators who teach or to faculty with tenure.