152.5 Faculty or Staff with Family Relationship

Created by: Pat Teague on 02/05/1999
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 50 - Faculty Status
Originator: Acad. Adm. & Faculty Status Committee
Current File: 152.5
Adoption Date: 02/01/2011
Reviewed for Currency: 02/01/2011
Replaces File: 152.5
Date of Origin: 11/12/1975
Classification: Faculty
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152.5 Faculty or Staff with Family Relationship


A. Background

On occasion Furman hires faculty or staff who may be related to other persons already employed by Furman.


B. Policy

Furman seeks to ensure that neither favoritism nor conflict of interest influences the appointment, salary, tenure or promotion of faculty or staff with a family relationship to other Furman employees.


C. Guidelines

1. For the purpose of these guidelines, the term "family" includes any relationship by blood, adoption, or marriage, and any spousal or domestic partnership, current or former.

2. Two family members should not serve concurrently on the same faculty or administrative committee.

3. Faculty:

a. Faculty members, including the Dean of the Faculty, will exclude themselves from significant recommendations or decisions that directly affect family members employed by Furman. These recommendations or decisions include appointment, job status, evaluation, salary, tenure, promotion, grade appeals and grievances.

b. If a faculty member, acting as Department Chair or Dean, supervises the work of a family member, decisions or recommendations affecting the family member will be referred to decision-maker at the next higher level, who, in consultation with the affected family member, will appoint a delegate to make the recommendations or decisions.

4. Staff:

a. Two members of the same family will not be employed within the same department if such employment would result in one of them supervising the other or where one member occupies a position that has influence over the otherís employment, promotion, salary administration, performance review, or other related management issues.

b. If, as a result of historical employment decisions, a situation occurs in which a staff family member supervises a family member, then the supervisorís superior will handle questions and decisions involving employment, promotion, salary administration, performance review, or other related management issues.

5. If an employee of Furman University perceives he or she is being treated inequitably because of family relationships, he or she should follow the grievance procedures outlined in File 153.1.