147.8 Cultural, Athletic, and Other Recreational Opportunities

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147.8 Cultural, Athletic, and Other Recreational Opportunities


A. Background

In order to develop a sense of community and to provide faculty, staff, and their families the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural, athletic, and recreational facilities, Furman offers many events and facilities to the faculty and staff.


B. Policy

Members of the faculty, staff, and their families are encouraged by financial and/or other considerations to attend various university events and to use university facilities at designated times. Sometimes admission or use is subject to a preferential charge.


C. Guidelines

1. Art exhibits presented in the Thomas A. Roe Art Building are open to students, faculty, staff, and public. The exhibits, usually changed monthly, are primarily teaching exhibits and in the course of the year provide examples of many forms of artistic expression.

2. Generally, faculty and student recitals and concerts of the Music Department ensembles are open to the public without charge. For some featured events, such as the Sound Quality Series, tickets are offered at reduced rates.

3. Faculty and staff members and their families are invited to attend any special university lectures (CLP and most other invited speakers) as guests of the university.

4. Tickets for the productions of the Furman University Theatre are sold to the faculty, staff, and their families at reduced rates, either for the season or for individual productions.

5. Faculty and staff members and immediate families are admitted to regular season athletic contests without charge, subject to availability. Regular season basketball and football season tickets for the faculty and staff members and immediate family are available at reduced rates announced each year. Schedules may be obtained from the www.furmanpaladins.com website.

6. All members of the faculty and staff and their families may play on the university golf course. Annual pass memberships may be purchased at special rates for the individual or for the entire family through payroll deduction.. Full-time undergraduate students, faculty, and staff play on a reduced greens fee basis. Adjunct faculty, temporary staff, and part-time staff are not eligible for a reduced annual pass membership/reduced greens fee.  Detailed information about fees and other matters may be obtained at the Furman University Golf Course Pro Shop. (See Policies and Procedures, File 753.1.)

7. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use the Physical Activities Center, outdoor tennis courts, track, lake, picnic areas, and other athletics and recreational facilities when they are not being used for regularly scheduled classes or events. Faculty and staff members may use the indoor tennis facility for a discounted price.