121.2 Committee Service

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121.2 Committee Service


A. Background

Faculty members at Furman share University governance through committee participation. In a given year approximately half the members of the faculty serve on one or more standing faculty committees. Members are elected annually by the faculty and serve for one year, although reelection is common up to a maximum of three terms on any committee. In addition there are administrative standing committees, members of which are appointed. And from time to time special committees are appointed by administrative officers or by the Chair of the Faculty or are elected by the faculty.


B. Policy

Service on faculty and administrative committees is a recognized faculty duty at Furman. Each member of the faculty is expected to contribute to the welfare of the University through engaged participation in committee service (see Article V. Committees).


C. Guidelines

1. If a faculty member is nominated or appointed to a committee, in the absence of any serious objection, he or she is expected to accept committee membership.

2. Normally no one serves on more than two committees--one faculty, one administrative--at the same time.

3. Faculty members in their first year at Furman are excused from committee service.

4. Reasonable representation of academic divisions and departments is a goal when committee assignments are made.

5. Membership and responsibilities of faculty committees are found in the faculty constitution.

6. Appointments to administrative committees are coordinated by the Dean of the Faculty.

7. The procedure for electing faculty committees is described in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty of Furman University.