117.1 Overload Teaching for Extra Compensation

Created by: Stephanie Ferguson on 11/17/2006
Category: 1 - Academic Affairs; 10 - Organization
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Current File: 117.1
Adoption Date: 05/12/2008
Reviewed for Currency: 05/12/2008
Replaces File: 117.1
Date of Origin: 02/18/1975
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117.1 Overload Teaching for Extra Compensation


A. Background

Overload teaching at Furman is limited and restricted to situations of special need, with each case approved on an individual basis. Overload teaching may be compensated with released time or additional remuneration. The expansion of credit courses in the Continuing Education Division and graduate programs has brought about a need for more overload teaching.


B. Policy

Any faculty member may participate in overload teaching for additional compensation or released time.


C. Guidelines

1. Overload duties should be assigned equitably among all faculty members who desire to participate.

2. Faculty members must be teaching a full load (See File 185.5) in order to quality for overload compensation. Department chairs reserve the right to limit overload teaching of faculty in cases where such teaching would interfere with assigned duties.

3. Faculty members may be permitted to teach no more than one course as an overload for additional compensation during any one academic year. Overloads may be taught as a part of the regular academic program, Continuing Education, or graduate programs. Exceptions may be granted under unusual circumstances with approval from the department chair (or budget unit head) and the Dean of the Faculty.

4. Faculty members who have not taught an overload during the previous academic year should be granted priority for summer teaching assignments. Summer session teaching does not constitute an overload. (See File 118.1.)

5. All teaching overloads must be requested and approved in writing prior to the beginning of the term. Approvals must be granted by the department chair and the Dean of the Faculty.

6. The rate of compensation for full-time faculty teaching an overload as a part of the regular academic program, Continuing Education, and the graduate program is set annually.