111.9 Director of Financial Aid

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111.9 Director of Financial Aid


A. Background

Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires that higher education institutions have an office dedicated to the delivery of federal financial aid funds. A large percentage of Furman students depend on financial aid to help finance their college education. Furman has a financial aid office to help secure aid for students' use and matches students' needs for aid with amounts and kinds available.


B. Policy

The Director of Financial Aid is responsible to the Vice President for Enrollment for administering all the University's financial aid programs. Guidelines for awarding scholarships are approved by the Awards and Financial Aid Committee.


C. Guidelines

1. The Director of Financial Aid is appointed by the Vice President for Enrollment.

2. The Director of Financial Aid supervises the work of all staff in the Office of Financial Aid.

3. Special duties and functions include but are not limited to the following (may be delegated to other financial aid staff as deemed appropriate):

a. counsel with individuals who need financial advisement prior to and during their enrollment at Furman;

b. analyze and review all data submitted by financial aid applicants in support of requested aid;

c. ascertain a student's eligibility and create "financial aid packages" consisting of scholarships, grants, work and loan monies for these students;

d. keep informed on all regulations concerning federal, state and institutional aid programs. Submit Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP), Pell/ACG/SMART electronic reports, and reports to South Carolina state agencies each year and maintain required records.

e. submit budgets for institutional scholarship accounts and control and manage these scholarship monies within the allotted budgets;

f. correspond with various donors, both individuals and foundations, of scholarship resources;

g. cooperate with Computing and Information Services in organizing an effective delivery system for needed data;

h. coordinate information and applications on the Office of Financial Aid Web site;

i. approve students for the Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) and maintain FWSP records;

j. develop and implement a comprehensive educational financing program that supports Furman's strategic and marketing plans;

k. serve as a member of the University's Administrative Council;

l. assist in the pursuit of university-wide goals through participation in inter-institutional and community activities;

m. represent the Office of Financial Aid and Furman University in interviews with the media;

n. participate in enrollment management decision strategies, modeling, recruitment and retention activities;

o. participate in national, regional, state and professional financial aid associations.